Haven Animal Rescue has now disbanded


UPDATE: Haven Animal Rescue successfully distributed over $36,000 to 19 different local, like-minded animal rescues and shelters. Click here to see who we supported! Now that our resources have been distributed, Haven Animal Rescue has filed its Articles of Dissolution with the state and officially is no longer in business. 

  • If you have lost or found a pet, please contact your local animal control officer for assistance. 
  • If you are interested in adopting a pet, please visit www.petfinder.com. This free website allows you to search for the species, breed, gender, size and age of all adoptable pets available through shelters and rescues within the radius you select. 
  • If you need assistance with your own pet(s), please take a moment to remember that pets are family, and family is forever! Moving, having a baby, switching jobs, and other normal life changes are not valid reasons to give up your pets. Pets are happiest with the people who love them. Veterinarians, professional trainers, pet sitters, and other resources are available to assist with health, behavioral, or schedule issues that present normal challenges for pet families. Pet friendly housing is available for those with pets who need to move. 

Click here to read more about our decision to close and disband.        


List of organizations we supported

Funds disbursement spreadsheet (pdf)