Haven Animal Rescue will close its doors


After months of agonizing over the future of our organization, we have decided to close the animal shelter and disband Haven Animal Rescue. While we have been blessed with incredible support from our supporters and our community, our volunteer resources have been steadily dwindling since we opened our Howard shelter location in May 2018.                            

As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on volunteers to do everything from daily care of our shelter pets to event staffing and fundraising. We have been unable to retain new volunteers or encourage our loyal ones to step into other roles, such as joining our Board of Directors. The workload is overwhelming for the few of us who have been sharing it.  As busy full-time working moms with young children and our own pets who need us, we have decided it's time to reinvest in our families. 

Our focus now is to adopt out the rest of our shelter pets and work to distribute our remaining supplies and resources to other smaller, like-minded organizations. We have already shared numerous supplies with Green Bay Animal Rescue, the Oconto Humane Society, the Neenah Animal Shelter and Shawano Cares About Critters. We also are working on a way to network to bring spay/neuter services to the area to assist the rescues and shelters that have been left without access to them since the Fox Valley Humane Association discontinued their services.                         

If you have donated, volunteered, adopted, fostered, or otherwise supported us during this journey, we thank you for all you have done for us and for the homeless pets who we've been honored to help.