Our Work

Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the goal of opening a full-service animal shelter and community education and outreach center to serve the people and pets of Western Brown County, WI and the surrounding rural areas. The mission of Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center is to provide a loving environment for surrendered and stray animals as they search for their forever homes, assist current pet owners to permanently provide appropriate care for their animals, and to engage community members in the issue of pet homelessness. In accordance with its mission statement, Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center will:

  • Offer a safe refuge, nourishment, and opportunity for a better life to unwanted, abused or injured animals   
  • Promote responsible pet ownership through humane education, spay/neuter, and animal care programs in the area   
  • Provide behavioral training advice, low-cost veterinarian care or vouchers, pet food and supplies to struggling pet owners  
  • Work to unite lost animals with owners and place unwanted animals in caring homes   
  • Build community support so people will value animals and treat them with respect and kindness

Pet Rehoming and Adoption Services

While we search for a new building, Safe Haven Humane Society temporarily has transitioned back to foster-based rescue. We're working on securing and training foster homes to house and rehabilitate the homeless pets in our care. We also have assisted with several private pet rehomings to ensure that these pets are finding their true forever families and are not being flipped from home to home or put into dangerous situations. Safe Haven Humane Society offers full vetting services and any necessary behavioral training to pets that are surrendered to us and completes background checks and interviews before carefully placing them with an adoptive family.

Pets are Family Outreach and Assistance Program

Safe Haven Humane Society wants people to understand that PETS ARE FAMILY! We host community events that educate about responsible pet ownership, share the spay/neuter/adopt message, and provide updates on issues such as breed specific legislation, dog fighting, problems with puppy mills, and pet abuse and neglect.Safe Haven Humane Society doesn't just help the animals in our care. Our volunteers work hard to help all pets and people in our community! Safe Haven has developed the Pets are Family Assistance Program, which offers pet food and supplies, veterinary vouchers, gift certificates for professional dog training classes, and other resources to pet owners who need a little financial help to provide for their pets or services to overcome behavioral or training issues in order to keep their pets in their homes. Our goal is to keep pets with their families!

Temporary Pet Care Program

Safe Haven Humane Society strives to keep pets with their loving families. When life happens and people are temporarily unable to care for their pets -- due to illness, hospitalization, domestic violence, homelessness, military deployment and other situations -- we try to find short-term housing options for their pets with the ultimate goal of reuniting them once their families are settled.

Help Our Cause

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